TAILWIND 越野追逐賽 2018

29 September 2018  2018年9月29日

Tai Mo Shan 大帽山


Event Name 賽事名稱

Date 賽事日期

Start Point 賽事起點

Start Time 開始時間

Finish Point 賽事終點

Distance 距離

Time Limit 時限

Tailwind Trail Chase 2018 越野追逐賽 2018

29 September 2018  2018年9月29日

Shing Mun Reservoir Main Dam 城門水塘主壩


Tsuen Kam Au Rotary Park 荃錦坳扶輪公園


5 hours 小時

Entry Fee 報名費

Race Course 賽事路線

Shing Mun Reservoir Main Dam>Wilson Trail>Lead Mine Pass>Tai Mo Shan>Tsuen Kam Au Rotary Park


Water Station 水站

1. Lead Mine Pass 鉛鑛坳

Category 賽事組別


There are only male and female categories and not age sub-categories.



Course Markings 賽道標示

The course will be marked with PINK colour directional arrows and ribbons.  At junctions there will be an arrow indicating the direction of the route as well as ribbons along the correct route.


Prize 獎項

Luggage Store 行李寄存

Personal luggage can be dropped at start point and will be transported to finish point.


Race Pack Collecting


Race Pack Collecting:

Date: 23 - 27 Sept. 2018
Shop: Gone Running
Address:16/F, Simsons Commercial Building, 137 Johnston Road, Wanchai
Website: https://www.gonerunning.hk
Time: 11am to 8:00pm (Mon. - Sat.); 11:00am to 6:00pm (Sun. & Public Holidays)

網址: https://www.gonerunning.hk
時間:上午11時至晚上8時 (星期一至六); 上午11時至下午6時 (星期日及公眾假期)

Title Endurance Fuels

Official Apparel Sponsor

Official Sunglasses Sponsor

For Runners:

● All Runners will start at 9:00am.
● There will be 6 Elite Chasers and they will start at 9:30am.
● Those 6 Elite Chasers will finish the race course in different time but they will run fast to chase the runners.
● When the Runners finish the race course and pass the finish line, different trophies or medals will be awarded according to their finish time:
- Golden Trophy – before all the Elite Chaser;
- Silver Trophy – after 1st Elite Chaser but before 2nd Elite Chaser;
- Bronze Trophy – after 2nd Elite Chaser but before 3rd Elite Chaser;
- Golden Medal –after 3rd Elite Chaser but before 4th Elite Chaser;
- Silver Medal –after 4th Elite Chaser but before 5th Elite Chaser;
- Bronze Medal –after 5th Elite Chaser but before 6th Elite Chaser;
- No award – after 6th Elite Chaser.
● There also will be trophies and prizes for the first 5 male and female Runner finishers.



● 全部跑手會在上午9:00起步。
● 有6名精英追逐者,他們將在上午9:30起步。
● 精英追逐者將用不同時間去完成比賽路程,但他們會跑得很快去追前面的跑手。
● 當跑手完成比賽路程,並通過終點時,將根據其完成時間獲得不同的獎杯或獎牌:

- 金獎杯 - 在所有的精英追逐者前完成;

- 銀獎杯 - 後過第一名精英追逐者,但在第二名精英追逐者前完成;

- 銅獎杯 - 後過第二名精英追逐者,但在第三名精英追逐者前完成;

- 金獎牌 - 後過第三名精英追逐者,但在第四名精英追逐者前完成;

- 銀獎牌 - 後過第四名精英追逐者,但在第五名精英追逐者前完成;

- 銅獎牌 - 後過第五名精英追逐者,但在第六名精英追逐者前完成;

- 無獎品 - 後過第六名精英追逐者完成。­

● 同時男、女子跑手組別之前5名將獲頒獎杯和獎品。

Chasers (Limited to 50 people only, based on first-come-first-served):

There is not gender or age sub-categories.

追逐者 (只限50名, 先到先得):


For Chasers:
● They will start with the 6 Elite Chasers at 9:30am to catch the Runners.
● When the Chasers finish the race course and pass the finish line, different plates will be awarded according to their finish time:
- Golden Plate – if passed more than 80% of total Runners.
- Silver Plate – if passed more than 65% of total Runners.
- Bronze Plate – if passed more than 50% of total Runners.
- No award – if passed less than 50% of total Runners.

● There also will be trophies and prizes for the first 3 male and female Chaser finishers.



● 同6名精英追逐者在上午9:30起步。
● 當追逐者完成比賽路程,並通過終點時,將根據其完成時間獲得不同的獎盾:

- 金獎盾 - 追過80%的全部跑手;

- 銀獎盾 - 追過65%的全部跑手;

- 銅獎盾 - 追過50%的全部跑手;

- 無獎品 - 未能追過50%的全部跑手;

● 同時男、女子追逐者組別之前3名將獲頒獎杯和獎品。

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As Typhoon Mangkhut has caused extensive damage to the trails of country par and there is still high risk of falling trees and landslide on the trails, we have decided to reschedule the race (Again) to 2nd Feb. 2019. Further details will be announced next week.

For those who are going to get the souvenir (XTE sun visor) at Gone Running from 23rd to 27th Sept., please DO NOT go there as we need time to prepare the new arrangement.


由於颱風「 山竹 」對郊野公園之越野路造成嚴重破壞,基於越野路段有相當風險,為保障參加者安全,大會決定活動將會改為在2019年2月2日舉行,詳細安排將稍後公佈。

將於9月23日至27日帶同號碼布前往Gone Running喜跑領取紀念品XTE太陽帽的參加者,請不要前往領取,我們將公佈詳細安排。

 Entry on Rescheduled Date: HK$250/person
更改日期報名 - 每人港幣$250

Event Info 賽事簡介

Event Details 賽事詳情