Online Registration:
Click to the online entry button on each race page and complete the online registration form.
You can pay the entry fee by VISA or MASTER credit card. There will not be any service charge for online registration.



By Email:

For those without credit card. Please fill the following registration table to enter the race and pay the entry fee at the start point on the race day.

(Please state very clear the name of the race and the category that you are going to join. Example: Midsummer Race 1, Senior Category)



(請註明您要參加的賽事名稱及組別, 例如:仲夏越野賽 1,壯年組)

Registration 賽事報名 

Full Name 英文全名  
Gender 性別  
Date of Birth 出生日期  
Nationality 國藉  
Mobile Phone 手提電話  
Email 電子郵件  
Emergency Contact 緊急聯絡  
Race to Join and Age Category 參加之比賽及年齡組別  

Race Registration Form (For people without credit card)

參賽表格 (沒有信用卡的參加者)