XTE Race brings the world of adventure racing to both the beginner adventure racer as well as the seasoned veteran. With a full range of course lengths; 6 hour, 12 hour, 18 hour as well as the 3-day Teggenli Challenge Race. XTE Challenge Series has a race to satisfy your adventurous spirit regardless of your skill level! The race series will take adventurers through some of the most spectacular around the world. You will experience rock canyons, dense forest, high mountains and dry deserts as you mountain bike, kayak, trek, run, and navigate through those areas. So, choose your race and quench that thirst for adventure! We look forward to seeing you in those events.

XTE Race 為世界各地的越野挑戰的參加者帶來不同的賽事,無論是初次參加者或經驗豐富的老將都會適合。賽事的長度有6小時,12小時,18小時以及為期3天的騰格里沙漠挑戰賽。賽事設有不同路線去設合你的技術水平及滿足您的冒險精神!比賽將通過一些景致壯觀地區,您將穿越滿佈岩石的峽谷,茂密的森林,寒凍的高山和乾燥的沙漠,您要運用山地自行車或獨木舟,及越野長跑去越過這些地域。馬上行動,作出決定,參與我們的賽事!


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